Dwight Cenac displays his class ring that was returned after 20 years.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – About 20 years ago, an American missionary in Honduras was snorkeling off the Caribbean island of Roatán about 40 miles off the mainland. He spotted something glittering on the sea floor and swam down to investigate.

Not long before that, Dwight Cenac had boarded a flight out of Jacksonville, Florida, headed for Los Angeles, where he had a role as the villain in a Christian-themed film set in the world of street racing. “Jesus vs. drag racing,” he says, chuckling.

On the plane, Cenac immediately noticed something missing: His class ring. It was a little too large, and he had always worried about it slipping off his finger.

He looked around his seat and up and down the aisle, growing increasingly frantic. No sign of it. It was gone.

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