Lies continue to be a key feature of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Trump made 29,508 misleading or false claims by Nov. 5, 2020, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column reported Monday.

But that disturbing tally doesn’t include the swathes of misinformation about election fraud that Trump has promoted since losing the 2020 vote to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump told almost 4,000 lies in October 2020 alone, according to the column’s editor Glenn Kessler, as he ramped up his pre-election rhetoric and attacks on his rival. That’s “double what he said in all of 2017,” Kessler tweeted Monday.

The president also set a one-day record for lies on Nov. 2 ― the day before the 2020 election which, despite his ongoing protestations, he definitively lost ― when he told 504 falsehoods.

Kessler noted how Trump had as of Jan. 20 last year told 16,241 lies — and is now “on track to nearly double that in one year.”

Per the Post’s tracker, Trump’s most repeated claim since taking office in January 2017 centers on him building “the greatest economy” in the world.

Trump has told more than 2,400 lies about the coronavirus pandemic, which only began at the start of 2020. The president repeatedly downplayed the risk of COVID-19 and has touted unproven medications and cures — such as pondering the injection of disinfectant as a treatment.

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