So said MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Tuesday as she admonished Carlson for urging viewers to call 911 if they see children wearing face masks outside to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

“We now know that the male version of a Karen with 911 on speed dial and a sense of presumed authority over other people’s lives should, from this day on, be called a ‘Tucker,’” the “ReidOut” host cracked.

Reid later broke down what she thought Carlson’s anti-mask rhetoric was really about.

“We know — and Tucker, we think you know, too — that conservatives are just really angry that they’ve lost control of American society and culture,” she said. “It’s why Fox wants its viewers mad, mad, mad, mad about Dr. Seuss and red meat to the point where the network is just a hub for racial hatred … but also for a very dangerous, deeply concerning platform so committed to the big lie that its top host is encouraging its viewers to harass strangers and demand that they bare their faces.”

Carlson “doesn’t actually care about the children, he just wants his viewers mad,” the anchor concluded.

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