Nine months into a pandemic that shows no signs of relenting, it seems like the coronavirus has reached into every corner of the U.S.

Well, not quite, but it’s close.

Three counties – technically two and a borough – remain as the lone holdouts, fighting off the virus and reporting no cases of COVID-19 so far. They are Esmeralda County in Nevada, Loving County in Texas and Skagway in Alaska, which uses the term “boroughs’’ rather than “counties.’’

All three are remotely located and have fewer than 1,100 residents, undoubtedly key factors in allowing them to escape a scourge that has sickened 7.9 million Americans and killed more than 216,000.

Esmeralda, with 826 residents over nearly 3,600 square miles, and Loving, with 169 residents spread over 677 square miles, have the smallest population per area of any counties in the contiguous U.S.

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